Dunn's River Falls, Konoko Falls, Taino Museum & River Gardens Tour

Take a short scenic ride along the Ocho Rios coastline to the world famous Dunn's River Falls, where you may climb or view this spectacular 600 feet waterfall. When you arrive at the falls you will be oriented by our guides briefly. There is a stairway adjacent to the fall that goes all the way down to the beach. At the base of the Falls on the beach is where you will start your climb of the falls, for all those of you who are adventurous. The climb is not hard, but an easily navigable fun experience.

For those who do not want to climb, but prefer a less adventurous experience, the beautiful impressive sights and views of the falls alone are worth it. These visitors may view the action from the adjacent stairways and the beautiful surroundings all to the sounds of gushing water on the falls. Dunn's River Falls and park consist of a beach with water sports activities, a Craft Market, picnic areas and Food Court, but the main activity is climbing the Falls - which is a fun group activity!

Dunn's River Falls and Park requires that you wear (Aquamarine) water shoes to make this wet but easily navigable climb. If you don't bring your own they can be rented or purchased on property.

The park also provides guides to assist you with your climb. there is no charge for these guides but it's customary to tip them. They take groups of fifteen or more persons on the climb up the Falls. They are really helpful during your climb and will help you to enjoy the experience more. However, using a falls guide is not mandatory and left up to your comfort level and confidence in making this journey. The climb to the top of the falls takes (approximately 45minutes) from the base on the beach.

Be sure to bring good sunscreen and your water proof camera as there will be many opportunities to take pictures of this unforgettable experience. However, if you forgot to bring your camera there are several photographers available to capture all your special moments.

Over decades Dunn's River Falls has offered millions of explorers an instant connection to nature but also has concessions such as Blue Mountain Coffee, hair braiding and Baskin & Robins.

Next, discover the diverse and serene experience at the Konoko Falls. Konoko is an Arawak word meaning 'wooded area' or 'rainforest', come and see why the Taino (Arawak) Indians, the island's original inhabitants chose this location as a settlement site.

History shows that the indigenous peoples of Jamaica were the Taino Indians, whose native tongue is said to belong to the Arawak Idians language family tree.

The Taino Museum exhibit offers a look at Jamaica's turbulent past, from the Taino Indians to the present day era. Rare maps, artifacts and pictures illustrate scripted summaries of all major periods, as well as some local history.

Take a stroll through a unique and beautiful garden offering a variety of tropical flora that is fed by streams that rise on the property and meander through the gardens. The gardens offer many secret spots to relax and enjoy nature at its very best.

The crystal clear water of the river flows into several ponds that are home to a variety of koi carp and tilapia fish.

There are many pathways and bridges which allows you to take in the crystal clear waters of several of the streams that run their natural courses throughout the property.

You may enter the falls at the ONIKHAN Deck and start climbing and stop at the MAJA swimming pool and take a plunge in the cool and refreshing water.

You may also decide to check out Yssasi Lookout Point in the park which offers a spectacular view of the Ocho Rios town.

You can also choose to climb up to the first cascading fall and get soaked beneath the curtain of water. Keep climbing until you reach the very top and immerse yourself in the NANA swimming pool. Then take the stairs to the bottom of the falls, stop and have a cold beer at the bar before beginning your second climb.

Our guides will allow many opportunities during your excursion for you to take photos and are open to suggestions & requests you may have. All excursions are designed to be flexible and caters to all your groups wishes.

Your excursion ends with shopping in the heart of town where you can explore the local Crafty Market or indulge in the duty free shopping centers. You may even wish to end your tour at the Island Village shopping centre where you mat visit Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville and restaurant which is an Ocho Rios favorite and walking distance from your cruise ship port. If you are staying at an Ocho Rios resort we will take you back when you are finished.


Adult: US$60.00
Child: US$50.00 (3-11yrs)
Minimum Age: none
Duration: 4 hours
Under 3 yrs: FREE
Entrance fees included
Group discounted rates for 10 or more persons

The following options are also available after your excursion: 
  • Enjoy some Jamaican lunch, this includes authentic spicy Jamaican Jerked Pork or Chicken along with unique side orders like Festivals and Bammy (the cost of lunch is not included in the rate). 
  • Visit Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Sports Bar and Grill by the Beach 
  • Duty Free Shopping in town and or shopping by the Craft Market 


We also offer private group Tours!

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