White River Rafting

White River Rafting White River Rafting

Enjoy a relaxing, leisurely ride down the White River! An unforgettable experience. Your Jamaican River Rafting adventure begins about 2 miles inshore.

Bathrooms & changing rooms are available. Life Jackets are also provided at the beginning of the tour. There are two Adults to each 30ft Bamboo Raft (and 1small child). Your Raft is guided by experienced, trained and talented captains who will ensure that you have a relaxing, safe and enjoyable cruise down stream.

Your trip down the River takes you through 7 rapids, a mid-way stop where you can swim and bathroom facilities are at this stop as well. Feast your eyes on the amazing lush tropical greenery and watch the gentle wind in the leaves as you go lazily down the River.

This Jamaican adventure last for approximately 1hour depending on the length of your mid-way stop.


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