Luminous Lagoon Tour From Montego Bay


(For guests staying on Island only)

This is a great combo tour for guests who are staying on Island and want an evening out with the family or friends. Come with us on a short journey alone the north coast to the historic town of Falmouth for a short educational tour of the town.  Next, we will head to the Glistening Waters Lagoon. Glistening Waters is located approximately 10 minutes east of Falmouth and approximately 55 minutes away from Ocho Rios and is one of Jamaica’s (and the world’s) most unusual spectacles. Many visitors come here to go on the 30 minute guided evening boat tour to view the amazing natural phosphorescence in the water just offshore in the lagoon. In the day the water looks brackish however, at nights (especially on a clear night) the water has a bright glow when disturbed. You will see a trail that lights up following the boat where the propeller disturbed the water as you go on your tour and spots of light in the Lagoon from fishes swimming in the water. If you dip your hand in the water, a bright glow follows your hand where the water is disturbed. You may also jump in for a swim ... it’s perfectly safe, as you swim, the water will glow all around you like magic.

Scientists from the John Hopkins University conducted a study of this Lagoon and said that the correct term for  the light in this bay is “bioluminescence”, because it is produced by small living animals known as “Dinoflagellates”. The organism responsible for the light produced here has the scientific name “Pryodinium Bahamene”, and can only be seen through a Microscope. The lights that appears when the water is disturbed is the result of thousands of flashes each generated by a single animal. There are only a handful of locations in the world where the warm waters of a fresh water river flow into a shallow lagoon of colder sea water allowing the luminous Micro-organisms to thrive like they do here. It is said that the Glistening Waters lagoon is the brightest in the world a fact that continues to awe scientists and visitors alike.

After your boat tour, you may delight your taste bud at Jamaica’s finest seafood restaurant, their menu consist of Lobster, Shrimp, Fish Conch, Chicken, Steaks and Pork.

After these two invigorating experiences , we journey back along the north coast to your resort in Montego Bay. Be blessed with the gift of travelling back home with our friends in your memories, pictures, minds and hearts.


Adults: US$50.00

Child  : US$40.00

Minimum Age: None

Duration: 2 ½ hours

Minimum: 4 adults

The cost of food is not included
Fire Dance included
Group discounted rate for 7 or more persons

If your party consists of 2 or 3 persons please contact us, and we will put you with another group

Under 3 yrs: FREE



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