Appleton Estate Rum Factory Tour & Y.S. Falls from Negril

For a real taste of old Jamaica, travel through scenic interior and countryside to the south coast and experience the magic of the Appleton Estates. Upon your arrival you will be greeted, briefed and go on a guide tour of the estate during which you will not only learn how the rum is made, but taste many different blends and get a complimentary bottle of Appleton Jamaican rum. timeless journey through the soul of the finest rums in the world.

The Appleton Estate has been blending rums since 1749 and the Rum Distillery is sited beside the Black River in one of the most beautiful valleys in Jamaica, south of Montego Bay.

You can savour these award-winning rums after you tour the distillery and learn the details of the distilling process from sugarcane, molasses, sugar, to wine and rum.

The magic of the Estate, the first known documentation of rum production at the Appleton Estate is dated 1749, however the origin of the Estate dates back to 1655 when the English captured Jamaica from the Spaniards. During the English empire, when rum was transported back in barrels, it was discovered that the time spent in the barrel combined with the gentle rocking of the ship allowed for a smoother, tastier rum. During the Second World War, whisky was in short supply and experiments were carried out at the Appleton Estate to produce a type of rum that would serve as a substitute. Different rums from assorted barrels of varying age and type were blended together and the result was "Appleton Estate Special Rum." Appleton Rum was much smoother, lighter and more fragrant than other available rums and proved to be extremely popular.

Appleton Rum became known as Bend Down or Ben Down. Back then it was illegal to sell rum of a certain proof in ordinary bars and shops and Appleton Rum was only sold in private clubs. But Appleton was so preferred by patrons they sold it anyway. It was not displayed, but kept under the counter. As it was not wise to ask loudly for Appleton Rum in the bar, the customer would whisper that he wanted a drink of Bend Down.

A Bar, gift shop, souvenirs and snacks are also available on property. With a wide variety of rums, ranging in age, taste and strength, this won't be a boring excursion. After your tour of the factory, we will take you for some more fun at the Y.S. Falls before before returning to your resort in Negril.


  • Per Person:US$95.00
  • Duration: 6 1/2 hours
  • Entrance fees included
  • Admission to the Appleton Estate Included
  • Complimentary bottle of rum included
  • Admission to Y.S. Falls included
  • Minimum persons: 4
  • Group discounted rate for 7 or more persons
  • Entrance fees included

The following options are also available after your excursion:

  • Enjoy some Jamaican lunch at the Appleton Estate an additional cost of US$15.00 per person before your journey back to Negril.


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Y.S. Falls

Appleton Estate Rum Factory

Appleton Estate Rum Factory

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